COACHELLA BOUND! (again, after saying I'd NEVER go back)

I'm COACHELLA BOUND!  After last year, I swore never to EVER go back.  The trip was rife with drama: friend issues, the SANDSTORM, and the lineup was not terribly impressive.

Honestly, all my silly girlfriends had to do was say, "please come, Allegra; we'd miss you if you didn't..." and give me their cute kitten eyes, and I was DONE.

It doesn't hurt they offered an air mattress with my name on it, a ride, AND a super-duper, impossible-to-get Artist guest pass to adorn my wrist.  Heck, what's the point of knowing musicians, if they don't treat you like a treasured guest?  ;-)

So, kicking and screaming I go.  And by that, I mean WATCH OUT MOTÖRHEAD mosh pit; I am coming for YOU ALL!  (evil laugh, shakes fist at sky, lightning flashes, thunder claps, eagle cries)




Creating my website, finally...

I'm sick to death of people pestering me about having a personal website, so HERE IT IS.  Also, the incredible amount of misinformation in the press, presented as fact, is both infuriating AND hilarious.  I hope I am doing this all correctly, and perhaps someone will actually look at it, once in a while.  Besides my Mom & Dad.  ;-)  Any advice?